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Cable Ties for Emergency Use - What You Need to Know

Cable ties may not always come to mind when making a packing list for an expedition. However, it is surprising how versatile these handy tools are. When hiking, camping, or travelling locally or globally, cable ties are essential items to have on hand.

These ties are made from different materials and are available in various sizes. They are straightforward and can easily be carried on a key ring or pocket. Also, they are so versatile that there are endless uses for these critical tools.

Here are some uses of cable ties that you need to know:

1. First Aid

In the medical industry, cable ties are used in first aid kits. They are placed over wounds to secure gauze and hold dressings in place. Cable ties have also made their way into first aid kits for rescue, search and rescue, and security purposes.

They come in different sizes and are easily attached to a key ring, making them available when needed.

2. Garden Helper

Gardeners love cable ties! Regarding gardening, cable ties are significant for snipping off runners, cut stems, and dead leaves. They are also great for tying in plants and can be used as tie-downs.

Moreover, cable ties make a great alternative if you have a garden and like to use hose pipes for watering plants. They can be secured around the hose pipe to allow for a tighter fit, making the hose more durable. 

3. Shoe Laces

You can use cable ties as a substitute for shoelaces if you've lost, forgotten, or decided to utilise shoelaces as rope/string in an emergency. Thread a wire tie through the eyelets of your shoes to help keep them in place. 

Cable ties with releasable or hook & loop attachments are your best bet, as they are both reusable and may be untied as necessary. Traditional cable ties prevent you from removing or adjusting the comfort level of your shoes.

4. Building a Shelter

Weather can change in the blink of an eye, and you may need to build a shelter quickly. A quick and easy way to one is to use cable ties to secure a tarp or a plastic sheet to the ground. You can use it to tie branches together and secure them. 

Also, they are handy for connecting the corners of a tarp or plastic sheet to prevent them from blowing away.

5. Highlighting Trails

If you hike trails, you know how important it is always to remember where you are on the map. Using cable ties to highlight your path on a map is an excellent way to keep track of your progress. You can also buy pre-made cable ties and use them to mark your trail.

Moreover, highlighting floods, gas leaks, or other hazards on foot with a cable tie is a great way to help other people safely navigate the trail. Cable tie markers are also great for hiking, mountain biking, and canoeing. It can help to mark trail segments and waypoints. 


Cable ties have many life-saving uses and can significantly impact emergency preparedness plans. You can use these handy tools to secure smaller items and supplies. They are lightweight and easy to carry on the go. You can also use cable ties to help you stay organised and to help identify important information.

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