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6 Surprising Uses & Applications For Black Cable Ties

Typically, a black cable tie or zip ties are used to secure the tangle of cables under your desk or behind the television. However, their utility goes far beyond cable management.

The robust, lightweight ties can be used for various tasks around the house. Here are six uses for zip ties that you may not have considered when you decide to buy cable ties. 

Drain Unclogging

Cable ties can also be used to unclog a clogged drain.

You might get away with one cable tie if you have an exceptionally long cable tie. If you have tiny ties, you'll have to knot a bunch of them together to get to the clog. You'll need between 18 inches (45.7 cm) and 2 feet in most circumstances (61 centimeters). However, you can always enhance length by adding more ties if necessary.

After you've linked all of the knots, make diagonal cuts down the length of the bottommost knot using a pair of scissors or cutting pliers. The incisions should be staggered and pointed upwards. Then, using pliers, bend the sliced edges outward to form barbs.

If the clog is caused by minor deposits, feed this down the drain; it should grab or shake loose whatever obstructs the drain, allowing you to remove it when the ties are removed.

Decorations To Hang

Cable ties are an excellent choice for hanging temporary decorations. 

Although the typical black or white cable ties may not mix well with the decorations, cable ties now come in a variety of colors. Green is a great color for Christmas decorations. 

Thanksgiving decorations might look better in brown and orange. Hanging wreaths, string lights, and garlands are all made easier with cable ties.

Remove A Cork From The Broken Bottle Of Wine 

If you don't have a corkscrew or have broken the cork trying to get to your wine, all you need are a couple of hefty cable ties to enjoy it.

Make a loop with two or three medium- or large ties, press the cork down into the bottle, then fish out the floating cork with the loop (or bits of cork). It takes some skill to figure out how to wedge the cork between the loop's two edges, and pulling the cork out requires some force, but it works surprisingly well.

Impromptu Kid Protection

If you only need to keep youngsters out of a couple of cabinets, a child lock isn't necessary, at least not for the time being. Pull a wire tie taut through two neighbouring handles or around two knobs.

It's not a good long-term solution because you'll have to cut the rope to get to the cabinet later. In a pinch, however, it will keep the small hands out.

Check For Tampering

Using the same concept, you may use cable ties as a tamper indicator for various products. 

When traveling, tie a cable between the loops on two zippers on a backpack or duffel bag. When you're not at your campground, run one through the zippers of your tent door. To "lock" a storage bin, drill a hole in the handle and lid.

While these ties won't prevent theft (anyone with a knife, scissors, or even fingernail clippers may still get into your belongings), they will serve as a deterrent or a quick indicator that someone has messed with your stuff.

In The Backyard

You can use cable ties to assist keep plants upright as they grow if they need to be anchored. Wrap a cable tie loosely around your tomato plant, a tiny sapling, and a staked rod. 

To prevent the cable ties from sliding up and down the stake, you may want to staple them in place.

Just remember not to over-tie the plant to allow it to grow and move freely. Also, as the plant grows, remember to remove or modify the ties.


Every product is the outcome of technological advancement. The rope was the only option when tying things up in the past. Today, technological advancements have given us a lot, and the nylon cable tie has shown to be the ideal rope substitute. It has eliminated the time-consuming task of tying objects together with rope. 

The advantages of nylon cable ties include ease of use, superior insulation, self-locking, anti-corrosion, and durability. It used to take a little time to tie a knot using the rope. The process of tying up takes only a few seconds anymore, thanks to cable ties. As a result, cable ties boost labor productivity while also saving time. Lastly, you can also place a wholesale order of cable ties in Australia if you need to maximise the benefits and applications of cable ties. 

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